New Tennis Court, Petting Zoo, Tree House, Sand Pit, Picnic Area, Zip-Line, Fish Pond 3264 2448 Villa Modica

New Tennis Court, Petting Zoo, Tree House, Sand Pit, Picnic Area, Zip-Line, Fish Pond

We have done it again … we have added so much more to our villa, we feel that we are the only villa in Sicily to offer so much for the whole family, We have added an acre of land to the villas grounds giving us the space to make your stay very special, the…

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For a Softer Skin 2448 3264 Villa Modica

For a Softer Skin

We are happy to have installed a new water softener at Villa Modica, what a difference it makes, softer skin, less detergents to use for laundry, softer hair after a refreshing shower.. Our water source comes from an artisan well drilled at a depth of 180 meters (590 ft), the water is pure and potable.

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Refreshing Orange Salad 3264 2448 Villa Modica

Refreshing Orange Salad

During orange season nothing beats an original orange salad. Recipe for 2. Ingredients : 2 large oranges,2 green onions, 4 spoons extra virgin olive oil, a splash of balsamic vinegar, chilli pepper to taste, pinch of salt. Start by peeling 2 large oranges. Cut the oranges in small cubes, chop the green onions, toss them…

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Our Local Winery 3264 2448 Villa Modica

Our Local Winery

Every fall what a lovely sight, at Terrasol Winery fresh picked grapes are being delivered from our local grape growers, the Nero d’Avola, grape variety, is considered as the most typical and representative of deep red grape of Sicily, the word in old Sicilian dialect, “Calaurisi” which actually means, ‘grape of Avola.’ The Nero d’Avola has…

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“Al Monaco” Best Fish Restaurant.. 1400 1040 Villa Modica

“Al Monaco” Best Fish Restaurant..

Al Monaco restaurant is located just 20 km north from the Villa, immersed in the lovely countryside, surrounded by open meadows there is one of the best restaurants in the area, where only the locals go to, their specialty is fish, for only 25 euros you get about 15 different courses of delicious fresh fish,…

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With Love from Rochester NY…60 Years of Being In LOVE 7360 4912 Villa Modica

With Love from Rochester NY…60 Years of Being In LOVE

Dear  BOB and LORETTA…. You two are role models for everyone who believes in eternal love, for those who trust that there really is a ‘one and only love.’ You are role models of a happy marriage through unconditional love for each other for 60 years. You have shown  that two are better than one, that…

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Nature Walk Right at the Footsteps of Our Villa 2448 3264 Villa Modica

Nature Walk Right at the Footsteps of Our Villa

Just a 2 minutes walk from the villa there is a dry river torrent that its the ideal spot for a nature walk, it will take you right into Modica, its about 2 km long, its an uncontaminated spot…surely a fun walk for adults and kids…all you need a walking stick,good shoes and a will…

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Horse Riding – Just a Great Outdoors Experience 2448 3264 Villa Modica

Horse Riding – Just a Great Outdoors Experience

Not far from the villa there is a very well equipped horse riding outfit…Salvatore has 35 horses between full size horses and half size horses, plus a few ponies as well that he lovingly cares for, if you feel like going for a leisurely horse ride he is very willing to make your experience a…

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Electric Photovoltaic Solar Panels 2448 2448 Villa Modica

Electric Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Villa Modica – Run by 100% clean, pure solar energy! ‘The magnificent Sicilian sunshine not only sparks your imagination, it powers your vacation. At Villa Modica, we are committed to using green, clean pure energy from the sun. With over 340 days of sunshine a year in Modica, our solar panels provide more than enough…

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Solar Heated Pool 2448 3264 Villa Modica

Solar Heated Pool

We have installed and tested our solar pool water heater, its doing a great job, it rises the pool water temperature by about 5 degrees celsius then average..and its environmentally clean..what a lovely improvement. 🙂 Discreetly positioned so not to be obstructing the lovely panoramic view.

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