With Love from Rochester NY…60 Years of Being In LOVE

With Love from Rochester NY…60 Years of Being In LOVE 7360 4912 Villa Modica

Dear  BOB and LORETTA…. You two are role models for everyone who believes in eternal love, for those who trust that there really is a ‘one and only love.’ You are role models of a happy marriage through unconditional love for each other for 60 years. You have shown  that two are better than one, that it is better to be a team in facing life’s challenges. You are the role models for commitment, for caring, for unselfish devotion to each other and your lovely family. Happy sixtieth  anniversary Bob and Loretta! May your love continue to be a golden beacon for the world.One by one each year flew by, since you both said ‘I do’…60 years of memories, shared by the two of you. From big events to holidays, to simple daily pleasures. Some tearful times have come along the way, some joys that can’t be measured. One by one each year now gone, but still theyre yours forever with each and every memory, together!

What a party it was, to see the both of you still in love, looking into each others eyes like 2 teenagers that find the first love, and to renew your LOVE at Villa Modica it is something that will stay in our hearts forever…


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  • Loretta Streber 31/08/2015 at 03:25

    Dear Giorgio and Antonella. We were your first clients at the Villa a few years ago. We have come back many times with some of our children. However this year we brought all of our children and grandchildren to celebrate our 60th anniversary. Your were hosts to all 17 of us, and as usual made it a memorable experience. Your expertise, knowledge of all the wonderful things that Sicily has to offer and immediate availability to all your guests makes “Villa Modica” the very best and most beautiful spot in all of Sicily. We will come back as many times as God will grant us the health to do so.

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