“Al Monaco” Best Fish Restaurant..

“Al Monaco” Best Fish Restaurant.. 1400 1040 Villa Modica

Al Monaco restaurant is located just 20 km north from the Villa, immersed in the lovely countryside, surrounded by open meadows there is one of the best restaurants in the area, where only the locals go to, their specialty is fish, for only 25 euros you get about 15 different courses of delicious fresh fish, prepared to a perfection,all the wine you can drink,water, coffee and dessert, the menu changes slightly according to the seasons and availability,  they will also prepare meats, vegetarian dishes, pastas they have a wood burning pizza oven, excellent service, kids are welcome, free parking, just make sure if you decide to go not to eat breakfast, as there is sooooo much food..its an incredible deal.

In the summer during the evenings you can dine outside in the lovely garden..very romantic :-).

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  • We had one of the best meals, ever, at Al Monaco! The seafood was fresh beyond compare, and every dish was prepared perfectly.

    My mother-in-law’s maiden name is Monaco – and it really was like we were sitting down with family for an all-day meal.

    I can’t wait to visit, again!

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