Electric Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Electric Photovoltaic Solar Panels 2448 2448 Villa Modica

Villa Modica – Run by 100% clean, pure solar energy! ‘The magnificent Sicilian sunshine not only sparks your imagination, it powers your vacation. At Villa Modica, we are committed to using green, clean pure energy from the sun. With over 340 days of sunshine a year in Modica, our solar panels provide more than enough energy to power your vacation and you can rest-assured that your stay will be carbon-neutral.

Operating silently and without any moving parts or environmental emissions, Photovoltaic solar panels systems have developed from being niche market applications into a mature technology used for mainstream electricity generation. A rooftop system  produces about 95 percent of net clean renewable energy over a 30-year service lifetime.

The Solar panels are not visible from the front view of the villa.