What a Day at the Ricotta Farm!

What a Day at the Ricotta Farm! 3264 2448 Villa Modica

What a lovely day we had with our guests at the ricotta farm today, fresh everything, hand made by Maria..we ate and ate more..from the antipasto to the hot ricotta, it was excellent..

How to get there GPS. Coordinates :

Latitude : 36° 55’8.70″ N

Longitude : 14° 55’16.87″E

  • We had such a great time when we were there! I want to come cback soon!

  • Villa Modica 26/06/2014 at 19:42

    Tim you are right i remember that day..how can’t anyone not have a great day…its a real treasure to know that there are still places like Maria’s ricotta farm around to have the pleasure to enjoy the true flavors of the land..

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