Noto Antica..the eremo of San Corrado di Fuori

The church of San Corrado Outside the Walls is 5 km from the town center of Noto in the enchanting Valle dei Miracoli and is an eighteenth-century sanctuary arisen in the place where S. Corrado Confalonieri, patron of the city, lived in a cave Still open today, in hermitage from 1322 to 1351.

The church can be reached by a staircase that descends from the town of Noto, as well as through the quarry where it was built. Located at the end of a long tree-lined avenue, it is in Baroque style and inside it houses a marble statue of the Saint, dedicated to it, in addition to a canvas of Madonna and Child dated 1759 and a shadow of Sebastiano Conca depicting San Corrado dated 1759. Within the religious structure there is also a small museum where relics of gold and silver, paintings, sacred furnishings and relics of San Corrado and the Venerable Hermitage Pietro Gazetti are displayed .

Our Local Winery

Every fall what a lovely sight, at Terrasol Winery fresh picked grapes are being delivered from our local grape growers, the Nero d’Avola, grape variety, is considered as the most typical and representative of deep red grape of Sicily, the word in old Sicilian dialect, “Calaurisi” which actually means, ‘grape of Avola.’
The Nero d’Avola has been selected for cultivation by grape-growers in the southeastern region of Sicily several hundred years ago and has spread to  the provinces of Ragusa, Siracuse and Caltagirone, and recently throughout the rest of the island. When cultivated to yield a low quantity of fruit per vine this grape variety is capable of expressing the characteristics of important aged red wines. An aroma of red fruit and typically “sweet” tannins that persist after many years are the most significant components, highly pronounced aroma of red fruit (plum, blackberry) and smooth tannins make this wine one of the best hidden secrets of our area.

The love, the passion and energy of Giorgio Poidomani give rise to the production of wines “Made in Sicily” by our local grape varieties, which distinguish for character and style.

Starting with care in the selection of the grapes ( from our Sicilian grape growing areas ) provide a cutting-edge winemaking process, respecting the enviorement and tradition.

No detail is overlooked, every stage of production is maintained and controlled by qualified technicians, from the maceration of the grapes, to the fermentation, the aging and the bottling of the wines.
All this to achieve the best quality possible.

The choice varies from white Inzolia, Nero d’Avola and to the blend Syrah and Nero d’Avola.

All great wines for important occassions.
Finally, thanks to research and development in the wine sector the line “Memorie della Terra” is produced without sulfites according to our local tradition, with unique organoleptic characteristics.

A very limited edition, which includes a white, a rosé made from nero d’Avola grapes, and red Syrah

At this local winery you can find Nero D’Avola, White wine Grillo, White Inzolia, Rosato wine and a line of Sulphites free wines.

A must to visit for wine lovers while at villa Modica, visits must be booked at least 1 week in advance.


Horse Riding - Just a Great Outdoors Experience

Not far from the villa there is a very well equipped horse riding outfit…Salvatore has 35 horses between full size horses and half size horses, plus a few ponies as well that he lovingly cares for, if you feel like going for a leisurely horse ride he is very willing to make your experience a memorable one.

The ride starts from the stables and it proceeds to a nature trail in a protected forested area, it lasts about 1 1/2 hours and it has a true country feel.

During summer months he will ride only late afternoons as it would be too hot for the horses.

Price is 25 euros per person.

How to get there:

GPS coordinates :

Latitude 36°50’40.93″N    Longitude 14°43’33.96″E

What a Day at the Park, Walking on the Tree Tops - Adults & Kids LOVE It

Oh what a lovely day we had at Bucchieri’s Nature Park, fresh pure oxygen to breathe while walking on ropes, from tree to tree, a kids and adults paradise to spend a day at…not expensive, for 1/2 day use of the park only 8 euros each, then if you go for a lovely home made lunch at the park the cost is only 12 euros each, tasty treats, BBQ, and much more, only 45 minutes from the villa.

How to get there GPS Coordinates:

Latitude : 37°55’8.70″ N

Longitude: 14°50’1.36″E

What a Day at the Ricotta Farm!

What a lovely day we had with our guests at the ricotta farm today, fresh everything, hand made by Maria..we ate and ate more..from the antipasto to the hot ricotta, it was excellent..

How to get there GPS. Coordinates :

Latitude : 36° 55’8.70″ N

Longitude : 14° 55’16.87″E

Sicily's Secret Cities: Noto, the Baroque Capital of Europe

Noto is a city and comune in the Province of Syracuse, Sicily. Its located 32 km southwest of the city of Syracuse and 40 km from Modica at the foot of the Iblean Mountains and gives its name to the surrounding area, Val di Noto. In 2002 Noto and its church were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

GPS coordinates:

Longitude 36°53’21.22″N       Latitude 15°4’35.40


Noto is famous for its fine buildings of the early 18th century, considered among the main masterpieces in the Sicilian baroque style. It is a place of many religious buildings, there are several palaces, and many others.