Our Local Winery

Every fall what a lovely sight, at Terrasol Winery fresh picked grapes are being delivered from our local grape growers, the Nero d’Avola, grape variety, is considered as the most typical and representative of deep red grape of Sicily, the word in old Sicilian dialect, “Calaurisi” which actually means, ‘grape of Avola.’
The Nero d’Avola has been selected for cultivation by grape-growers in the southeastern region of Sicily several hundred years ago and has spread to  the provinces of Ragusa, Siracuse and Caltagirone, and recently throughout the rest of the island. When cultivated to yield a low quantity of fruit per vine this grape variety is capable of expressing the characteristics of important aged red wines. An aroma of red fruit and typically “sweet” tannins that persist after many years are the most significant components, highly pronounced aroma of red fruit (plum, blackberry) and smooth tannins make this wine one of the best hidden secrets of our area.

The love, the passion and energy of Giorgio Poidomani give rise to the production of wines “Made in Sicily” by our local grape varieties, which distinguish for character and style.

Starting with care in the selection of the grapes ( from our Sicilian grape growing areas ) provide a cutting-edge winemaking process, respecting the enviorement and tradition.

No detail is overlooked, every stage of production is maintained and controlled by qualified technicians, from the maceration of the grapes, to the fermentation, the aging and the bottling of the wines.
All this to achieve the best quality possible.

The choice varies from white Inzolia, Nero d’Avola and to the blend Syrah and Nero d’Avola.

All great wines for important occassions.
Finally, thanks to research and development in the wine sector the line “Memorie della Terra” is produced without sulfites according to our local tradition, with unique organoleptic characteristics.

A very limited edition, which includes a white, a rosé made from nero d’Avola grapes, and red Syrah

At this local winery you can find Nero D’Avola, White wine Grillo, White Inzolia, Rosato wine and a line of Sulphites free wines.

A must to visit for wine lovers while at villa Modica, visits must be booked at least 1 week in advance.


Nature Walk Right at the Footsteps of Our Villa

Just a 2 minutes walk from the villa there is a dry river torrent that its the ideal spot for a nature walk, it will take you right into Modica, its about 2 km long, its an uncontaminated spot…surely a fun walk for adults and kids…all you need a walking stick,good shoes and a will of adventure.

Street Vendors of Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Just doing into town from the villa (1.2km) on the street side you will find farmers selling their fresh produce, they are selling fresh fruit, vegetables and more, its as if you did pick it yourself from your own garden, that’s how fresh it is, a lovely experience to be able to buy right from the farmer.

What a New Year Surprise

Welcome to global Cooling??

The first time in over 100 years that we have had snow, over 20 cm, what a treat for the kids.

It felt very Christmasy ….loved it.

Liquid Gold... Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fall and the olive harvest is in full swing, we produce one of the finest extra virgin olive oil in our area, the trick to get great olive oil is to harvest the olives by hand, hand select only the best quality, reason is the hand picking avoids brushing the fruit, if the olive is bruised then immediately a chemical process starts within the olive that would increase the acidity in the oil, making it of a lesser quality, then mill the olives within 24 hrs of picking, the cold pressing of the olives paste must be done at a low temperature, thats how all the aromas and flavors of the oil are preserved.

What a Day at the Ricotta Farm!

What a lovely day we had with our guests at the ricotta farm today, fresh everything, hand made by Maria..we ate and ate more..from the antipasto to the hot ricotta, it was excellent..

How to get there GPS. Coordinates :

Latitude : 36° 55’8.70″ N

Longitude : 14° 55’16.87″E

Welcome To Our Blog

Here we hope to write about the things that make Modica special.

We may write about what we have planted in the garden or what wonderful foods we have just harvested. Or we may write about new friends we have made and old friends we have had the pleasure to meet, again.

We want to be able to share with you what makes Villa Modica such a special place and it is with this wish that we hope you will stop by and visit when you can – in person at the villa and here online.

Sicily is renowned for its olive oil, pasta, pizza, wine, and of course sunshine, and year-round great weather. Simply stated, Sicily is “la dolce vita” (the sweet life), and many people that travel to this incredible island never want to leave.